Contact & Ordering

How to order

You can start by taking a look at the discounts.
Check available payment and delivery ways.
Email us using the contact form bellow, or message us via Skype or WhatsApp
Let us know what item(s) you wish to order, payment and delivery way that you prefer. We will reply with all details.


Telegram channel
We will use this channel to broadcast news regarding software updates, optional software updates on special requests and any other information that can be valuable for our clients.
skype bgauto
whatsapp +1 818 646 4711

Ways of delivery

1: WEB Download

This is the recommended and cheapest way.
We can do all the job needed: to download and to install remotelly for free. Please see the details here->

Or you can do on your own. How it works?

  1. First we need to make sure that you have enough Internet speed to download this. You can measure your download speed here: Let us know the result.
  2. Also you can try to download an example ISO file. First see the how to download video ->. Then open the example LINK-> with your browser. Unpack password is: 123456.
  3. You will tell us if this good way of delivery for you, if yes you will arrange the payment and we will send you the links for the software you ordered, if not, you can think about other ways of delivery.
  4. It is recommended to copy all the downloaded software somewhere else for backup (external HDD, flash, etc.) as the link is nor permanent.
  5. You can start installing the software you ordered without needing to burn any CD or DVD.
Good sides?

- Fast and instant download.

Bad sides?

- If your computers skills are weak you can lose some time to learn how to do it.

2: External USB HDD or USB flash sent via DHL

You can order all software on USB hard disc or on USB flash drive.
This is good if you order big software and you have small download speeds.

Good sides?

- No need to loose time on download and unpacking.
- Use the delivered USB as backup also.
- Fast worldwide delivery with tracking.

Bad sides?

- Paying the price for USB HDD or USB Flash (10-50 EUR).
- Paying the price for DHL shipping (50-100 EUR).

Ways of payment:

For details how to send payment for each way, please contact us first!

Fastest and cheapest way by our opinion is PayPal.

1: PayPal

You can pay via PayPal,
You need to sign up for PayPal first if you don't have an account. When you sign up for PayPal, you link it to your bank account, debit card, or credit card so that your payments can be funded.
2: Skrill

You can pay via Skrill (former Moneybookers),
You need to register first if you don't have an account there. When you register, and verify an account, you need to upload money to your own account and then you are ready to make a payment.

3: Bank transfer

We accept International bank transfer (via SFIFT and IBAN) for minimum amount of 50 euros.
You need to accept all money sending charges when making a transfer.
Our bank is in the EU country.

4: Western Union

We accept western union for minimum amount of 50 euros. Just go to Western Union agent and send a cash, while in USA you can also use western union site to make online payment with your card.

5: MoneyGram

We accept MoneyGram for minimum amount of 50 euros. Just go to MoneyGram agent and send a cash