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FORD Microcat
It is a electronic part catalogue for European models of Ford vehicles.

There is a search by chassis (VIN) number also. The information about the vehicle by chassis number gives country where the vehicle is sold, colour, equipment, etc.

Prices of parts are included in program.
List of Models (Click to Show /Hide)
Passenger Light Commercials
B-Max CB2 2012-
BX726 Puma 2019-
C-Max CCG 2015-
C-Max CEU 2015-
Cougar MC 1998-2000
Ecosport CBW 2013-
Ecosport CR1 2014-
Ecosport CR6 2017-
Edge 2015-
Escort CA 1981-1986
Escort DA 1986-1990
Escort/Orion EA 1990-1995
Escort FA 1995-2001
Explorer CTW 2020-
Fiesta 01-08/Fusion CBK 2001-2012
Fiesta AX 1976-1989
Fiesta CX 1989-1996
Fiesta DX 1995-2002
Fiesta CB1 2008-
Fiesta CCN 2013-
Fiesta CE1 2017-
Figo EC 2011-
Fluids and Maintenance Products
Focus 2004-/Focus C-Max CAP 2003-2007
Focus CAK 1998-2005
Focus C-Max CB3 2007-2011
Focus C-Max CB7 2011-2015
Focus Cabriolet CA5 2006-2010
Focus CB4 2008-2011
Focus CB8 2011-2015
Focus CEW 2014-
Focus CGE 2018-
Ford GT CGX 2017-
Galaxy VX 1994-2000
Galaxy VY 2000-2006
Granada CE 1985-1992
Granada/Scorpio DE 1992-1994
Ka CCQ 1996-2008
KA CCU 2008-
KA CDU 2016-
Kuga CBS 2013-
Kuga CBV 2008-2012
Mondeo CA2 2007-2014
Mondeo CNG 2014-
Mondeo FD 1992-1996
Mondeo GD 1996-2000
Mondeo GE 2000-2007
Mustang CZG 2015-
Parts Direct Visual Access
Probe PA 1992-1997
Puma CCE 1997-2001
S-MAX/Galaxy 2015-
S-MAX/Galaxy CA1 2006-2015
Scorpio FE 1994-1998
Sierra CD 1982-1986
Sierra DD 1987-1993
Street Ka CCS 2003-2005
THINK City EV CT 2000-2002
Windstar WA 1994-2000
Edge/MKX TQ1
Escape R3 2008-
Everest EP 2009-
Everest EU 2006-2009
Everest/Endeavour EV 2003-2006
Explorer EX 1992-2000
Explorer TUB 2011-
Explorer TWJ 2013-
Maverick ML (LHD) 1993-1996
Maverick MR (RHD) 1993-1996
Maverick NL (LHD) 1996-1998
Maverick NR (RHD) 1996-1998
Maverick TM1 2001-2006
Maverick TM3 (RHD) 2002-2006
Maverick TM7 2007-
P100 DP 1987-1993
Ranger EQ 2002-
Ranger ER 1998-2003
Ranger ES 2009-
Ranger ET 2006-2009
Ranger TKE 2012-
Transit CY 1985-1991
Transit DY 1991-1994
Transit TY (Turkey) 1992-2000
Transit EY 1994-2000
Transit FY 2000-2006
Transit GY (Turkey) 2000-2006
Transit Connect TC7 2002-2013
Transit TT9 2006-2014
Transit TTG 2014-
Transit TTS 2019-
Transit/Tourneo Connect CHC 2013-
Transit/Tourneo Courier 2014-
Transit/Tourneo Custom TTF 2012-
Product Name FORD Microcat [Europe]
Date of update 08/202O
Price 50 EURO
Download file size 3,56 GB
Languages Čeština, Dansk, Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, Magyar, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Portugues, Pусски, Română, Suomi, Svenska, Turkce, Ελληνικά
Operating system (OS)
Windows 7 32bit (x86)
Windows 8 32bit (x86)
Windows 10 32bit (x86)

If you want to use this software on 64-bit system (for example Windows 10 64-bit) you can use VM (Virtual Machine).
We give a free link or disk with a preinstalled empty and optimized Windows 7 32-bit VM, where you can install this or any other software compatible with 32-bit Windows.
Expiration No expiration
Activation Not needed (unlimited installations on multiple computers)

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