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Repair Manual

Workshop manuals, Installation instructions, Operating instructions, Maintenance instructions for BPW.

Workshop manuals:
Workshop manual BPW trailer axles with disc brakes – ECO Disc - Series SH/ SKH
Workshop manual BPW suspensions VB-VK
Workshop manual BPW trailer axles H-KH
Workshop manual BPW trailer axles with disc brakes SH-SHK
Workshop manual BPW trailer axles up to 5,5 tonnes NR-SNR
Workshop manual BPW mechanical suspensions W-BW-GW
Workshop manual BPW Air suspensions O-SL-AL

Installation instructions:
ECO Tronic EBS - Operating and installation instruction
Installation instructions BPW axles with air suspension – Series O-SL-AL
Installation instructions BPW brake shoes on the type 7 wheel brake
Operating and installation instructions – BPW height adjustment and support devices

Operating and installation instructions:
ECO Tronic EBS - Trailer Monitor
ECO Tronic EBS - Trailer Manager
ECO Tronic EBS - Trailer Analyser
Brake Monitor
Underrun guard – Series UFK 100 III
Wear sensor kit for drum braked axles with standard slack adjusters
BPW brake cylinders for drum brakes
BPW height adjustment and support devices

Maintenance instructions:
ECO Plus – Axle systems with air suspension
BPW hight-adjustable drawbars Series ZAV
BPW trailer axles and suspensions
BPW trailer axles and assemblies
BPW towing attachments series ZAF-2
BPW car and light truck range
Maintenance intervals for BPW axles and suspensions
Maintenance intervals – agricultural trailer axles and assemblies
PDF document - can function on all platforms
English, Deutsch, Francais.

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