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Repair Manual

Genuine Workshop manual. The information contained in this special publication is ordinary issued by BMW Motor Company, in conjunction with supplementary service literature and special tools supplied only to its authorized dealers. Though this library can be useful for BMW owners in diagnostics and troubleshooting, the repair and maintenance procedures outlined herein are intended for use by trained BMW service and dealership personnel.


1' E81
1' E82
1' E87
1' E88
3' E30
3' E36
3' E46
3' E90
3' E91
3' E92
3' E93
5' E34
5' E39
5' E60
5' E61
6' E63
6' E64
7' E32
7' E38
7' E65
7' E66
8' E31
M' R50
M' R52
M' R53
M' R55
M' R56
X' E53
X' E70
X' E83
Z' E52
Z' E85
Z' E86
Operating System:
Windows XP 32bit
BMW TIS 03.2008. Deutsch
BMW TIS 12.2007. English

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