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Please note that a software order always contains license keys. At least 3 keys are included for each software. The purpose of this software activations is if you didn't purchase software from us, or if you need more keys.
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Allison DOC Allison DOC activations for versions 11.xx .
Alldata 10.52 Alldata activation for version 10.52.
AutoCom AutoCom activations for version 2012.3
Bosch Esi[tronic]
Bosch Esitronic activations.
Caterpillar ET 2014A Caterpillar ET activations for version ET2014A.
Caterpillar ET 2004 - 2011B. Caterpillar ET activations for versions ET2004 - ET2011B.
Caterpillar ET Factory Passwords Caterpillar ET Factory Passwords for all versions
Caterpillar SIS 2011B Caterpillar SIS activations for version SIS2011B.
Caterpillar SIS till 2011A Caterpillar SIS activations for versions SIS2004 - SIS2011A.
Chrysler Pais4 Chrysler Pais4 activations.
Citroen Service Box Citroen Service Box activations for all versions.
Cummins Calterm III Cummins Calterm III activations for version 3.6.4.
Cummins InPower Cummins InPower activations for version 9.5.
Cummins Insite Cummins INSITE activations for versions 7.xx.
Cummins INSITE date change unlock The message is: INSITE has detected and invalid PC Date. Please note the PCID and Verification Code shown below and contact the local Cummins Distributor to obtain an Unlock password.
DDDL 6 and DDDL 7 Activations for Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link 6.xx and 7.xx.
DDDL8 - DiagnosticLink 8.0 Activations for Detroit DiagnosticLink 8.0.
Eaton ServiceRanger Activation code for for ServiceRanger, versions 3.2x.
ElsaWin Activation code for for ElsaWin, all car models.
General Motors Global EPC4 General Motors EPC4 activations for different markets. (North America, Latin America, Africa and Middle East, Mexico, Asia, Brasil, Australia)
Isuzu Snap-on EPC Isuzu Snap-on EPC activations.
Mercedes EPC net Activation code for Mercedes EPC net, for 100 users. Any version.
Mercedes FDOK Calculator With this dealer level tool you can calculate FDOK encrypted random numbers for programming protected parametrs in DAS.
Mercedes WIS net Activation code for Mercedes WIS net, for 100 users. Any version.
Paccar ESA Paccar ESA activations for version
Perkins EDi Activation Code for Perkins EDi, for versions 2.xx and 3.xx.
Perkins EST Activation Code for Perkins EST, for all versions.
Perkins Olympian EST Activation Code for Olympian EST, for all versions.
Perkins SPI2 Perkins SPI2 (Service and Parts Information System 2) activations for all versions. Last tested on 2012A.
Peugeot Service Box Peugeot Service Box activations for all versions.
Renault Clip Renault Clip activations.
ServiceMaxx Activation code for for ServiceMaxx, for actual version.
Suzuki Snap-on EPC Suzuki Snap-on EPC activations.
TecDoc Activation Patch for TecDoc.
Tolerance Data Activation Code for Tolerance Data 2009.2.
Vivid WorkshopData ATI 10.2 Vivid WorkshopData ATI 10.2 Activator.
Volvo PTTl 1.12 Developer + DevTool Volvo Premium Tech Tool 1.12 Developer + DevTool activations.

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